Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Wednesday

Not much knitting to report over the last couple of days. It seems that I've been distracted by anything and everything. I did manage to make a batch of cookies. DS requested blond brownies... and I delivered. They won't last long! I had to buy a new pan (I threw away the old one after using it for a paint tray) and I even baked them in the convection oven, something that I am getting used to after ::gasp:: reading the manual!!

He laughed at me when I took the picture. Ha! So then I made him go shopping for school uniforms. That hurt my pocketbook, and the kids feel humiliated. I think they look cute/handsome, though. I have to hem DS' pants. Oh yea, and buy a new belt and shoes... it seems never ending, even with uniforms. They will get used to them.

My mind has been wandering on to what my next project might be. I have a bunch of white Cotton Classic... Is it too late in the summer to start a cotton garment? Thinking ahead, I could be influenced by Kay's projects (gorgeous aren't they), or for something quick, I have a niece that would love these

I hope your knitting has been more productive than mine over the last couple of days, and if not, I hope you're having fun with whatever your distractions might be!

On my needles: cotton table runner


Wool Winder said...

Our children never had to wear school uniforms, but the dress code was extremely strict. I applaud schools for choosing modest dress standards.

Mary in AR said...

They look great! Brings back memories of my elementary days in uniform.